~Customer Comments~


Location: San Jose, CA
Comments: Great work. I have purchased trivets, birdhouses and butterfly houses. Vary selfish of me but I have kept all but one butterflyhouse that I am giving as a gift to one of my sisters. keep up the good work.

Name: Len
Location: Nevada
Comments: Class A Product.. Thank you so much for the build. The details are out of this world.

Name: Andie
Location: San Jose
Comments: I purchased "The Cottage" for my Grandmother for Mothers Day. I was so impressed with the detail and design of the birdhouse and really impressed with it's size. To say the least My Grandma is estatic about her new birdhouse and I will be back for another one for my Mom.

Nice work :)


Name: Debbie
Location: San Jose
Comments: I love the cork trivets. Have given them as wedding & xmas gifts to friends.

Name: Dean W.
Location: San Jose, CA
Comments: After browsing your website I had to buy “The Cottage”. It was a gift for my sister and her husband. They loved it! It resides in their backyard in Fairfield, CA. It has attracted many colorful birds. The quality and craftsmanship are better than any other birdhouses I have ever seen. Thanks again!

Name: Alana Skinner
Location: Reno, NV
Comments: The site looks great. You did an awesome job. I think I like the colored plaques (the blue one) because it has more color but everything looks wonderful. I love the blue Butterfly house you made for me. It looks great in my living room.


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